Mattermost - Secure messaging platform that is an alternative to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other team collaboration tools

Mattermost is an open-source, self-hosted, and secure messaging platform that is designed for use by organizations and teams. It is similar to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other team collaboration tools, but with a focus on security, control, and compliance.

One of the main benefits of using Mattermost for non-profits and social ventures is its ability to facilitate communication and collaboration between team members, volunteers, and partners. The platform provides a centralized location for all team conversations, which can be organized into channels based on projects, teams, or topics. This makes it easy for team members to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developments, and for new members to quickly get up to speed.

Additionally, Mattermost offers a range of security features such as end-to-end encryption, role-based access control, and compliance with various regulations, making it a secure and compliant communication solution. This is important for non-profits and social ventures, which often handle sensitive information and need to ensure that their communications are secure.

Mattermost also provides a wide range of collaboration features such as instant messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing. It also has a built-in search function, which allows users to quickly find specific conversations, files, and other content.

Some of the features of Mattermost are:

  1. Secure messaging: Communicate with your team using private and group messaging.
  2. File sharing: Share files, images, and documents with your team members.
  3. Customizable: Personalize your experience with custom themes, emojis, and bots.
  4. Integrations: Connect Mattermost with popular tools like GitHub, Jira, and Trello.
  5. Mobile and desktop apps: Access Mattermost from various devices, ensuring seamless communication.
Feature Benefit
Secure messaging Safeguard your team’s communication and maintain privacy.
File sharing Collaborate on documents and share important resources with ease.
Customizable Tailor the platform to your team’s needs for a more engaging and efficient experience.
Integrations Streamline workflows by connecting Mattermost with other essential tools your team uses.
Mobile and desktop apps Keep your team connected and productive, regardless of the device they are using.

Some of the use cases of Mattermost for individuals, non-profits, and social justice organizations are:

  1. Team collaboration: Foster efficient communication and collaboration within your organization.
  2. Project management: Coordinate project-related discussions and share resources with team members.
  3. Community engagement: Create channels for specific interest groups or causes, encouraging active participation.
  4. Event coordination: Plan and manage events with dedicated channels and file sharing capabilities.
  5. Secure communication: Ensure sensitive information remains private and secure within your organization.
Service Provider Cost (Starting) Benefit
Mattermost Free (Team Edition); Paid plans from $3.25/user/month Open-source; self-hosted; customizable; secure messaging; numerous integrations.
Slack Free (Basic); Paid plans from $6.67/user/month Wide range of integrations; user-friendly interface; extensive app ecosystem.
Microsoft Teams Paid plans from $5/user/month Integrations with Office 365; robust security features; video conferencing capabilities.

To start using Mattermost, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and select “Try free” or choose a pricing plan.
  2. Download the Mattermost server software and follow the installation instructions for your platform.
  3. Configure Mattermost according to your organization’s needs and preferences.
  4. Invite team members to join your Mattermost instance by sending them an invitation link.
  5. Encourage your team to download the Mattermost mobile and desktop apps for seamless communication across devices.

Mattermost is an excellent choice for individuals, non-profits, and social justice organizations that require a secure, self-hosted communication platform. With its open-source nature and wide range of features, Mattermost offers a customizable and efficient collaboration solution. To explore Mattermost and its features, visit

Mattermost is also designed to be highly scalable, it can support large teams and organizations, with the ability to handle millions of messages and users. It also supports integration with a variety of other tools and services, such as Google Drive, GitHub, and JIRA, which allows teams to work seamlessly across different platforms.

Mattermost is also compliant with a wide range of regulations and standards, such as HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR, which makes it well-suited for use in healthcare, finance, and other regulated industries.

Overall, Mattermost can be a valuable tool for non-profits and social ventures, as it enables effective communication and collaboration, while also providing a secure and compliant solution.

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If you want to self-host, please use this link and you can host it on your own server - Host Mattermost on Your Own Infrastructure

Additionally, if you are a registered non-profit and want a professional license, you can fill out the form below and they’ll get back to you with the same! - Nonprofit License Application Form