🎉 2 of our Tech4Good Fellows are Certified Frappe Developers!

Hello Tech4Good Community,

We have some truly exciting news to share with you all! Please join us in celebrating our Tech4Good Fellows , @JinsoRaj and Aysha H, who have accomplished the exceptional feat of earning the esteemed Frappe Developer Certification. :confetti_ball::muscle:

Their hard work and dedication have paid off, and we couldn’t be more proud! The Frappe Framework—a powerful, open-source web platform that masterfully fuses Python and JavaScript—is now a part of our skill repertoire, and we’re ready to step up our digital prowess. This robust framework paves the way for creating full-fledged, impactful web apps, and our certified Fellows are keen to unleash its full potential. :closed_lock_with_key::briefcase:

Wondering what makes Frappe such a powerhouse? We’ve got you covered! We’ve crafted an in-depth review of this phenomenal framework and detailed why it’s become an absolute favourite of ours. Check it out here: Link to our Frappe Framework Review :blue_book::heart:

We’d be remiss not to extend our deepest gratitude to Frappe’s incredible team - Geoffrey Karani, Sayali Yewale, and Mohammad Umair Sayed. Their unyielding support and mentorship have been invaluable throughout this transformative journey. Thank you for helping our Fellows achieve this landmark. :pray::star2:

Once again, congratulations to Jinso Raj and Aysha H for this fantastic achievement! It’s a testament to their determination and drive. We can’t wait to see where their new skills take them – and us – as we continue to leverage the power of technology for the betterment of our communities.

Here’s to building, innovating, and making a difference! :tada::bulb::balloon:



Thank you for this amazing opportunity! :heart:

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Thank you for the learning experience, I look forward to making the most of it😊