[Closed] Learn more about the world’s best free and open source ERP @ ERPNext Conference (Sept 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 2022 | Mumbai)

Event Title: ERPNext Conference

Event Date: Sept 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 2022

Event Type: In person event at Holiday Inn, Mumbai

ERPNext helps businesses worldwide (10,000+ now) to manage their operations better, to give them better insight into what is happening in their companies and become more efficient. The product itself is free and they make money by providing cloud hosting and other services around the product. [[ERPNext]] is fully featured and can be used by teams in the manufacturing, service, retail, distribution, healthcare and non-profit.

ERPNext - the world’s best free and open source ERP https://erpnext.com/

About Event: Bringing back speakers, users, exhibitors, and the entire community. Unlock business opportunities, discover the latest developments and explore the exciting world of ERPNext. We are also conducting an in-person training on the Frappe Framework two days before the conference. So here is your chance to get trained, attend the conference and meet the team.

Why should you attend?
Are you a changemaker and thinking about how tech can amplify the impact of your mission? For the last 5 years we have used and recommended different open source, discounted tools to leadership teams, management and frontline workers. These tools have ranged from usecases like beter day to day operational efficiency (HR, Payroll, Compliance, Project Management, etc) or increased Program efficiency (Service Delivery tracking, Issue resolutions for vulnerable communities, Helpdesk, etc)

And if there is one tool that we have recommended the most - its ERPNext. Simply the best open source ERP on the planet! I have used it to improve visibility for NGOs with simple websites like https://welivefoundation.org.in/ and even set up the entire digital infra for a helpline that brings together 6 different teams to work together remotely - Laborline Laborline - solving for key vulnerabilities for migrant workers in India that helps migrant workers across India to get unpaid wages. Thanks to ERPNext a partner NGO could easily be given an account on Laborline’s custom ERPNext instance on Frappe Framework and they will be add/update the case details and collaborate with each other. As of 15th April, 2022 the helpline which is run by the team at Ajeevika Bureau and Working People’s Charter in partnership with their amazing field level partners has reached 25,000 migrant workers, solved 788 cases of unpaid wages and helped recover INR 1.1 Crore in wages.

So join the event and get inspired, meet amazing folks who are passionate about operational efficiency, open source and building truly world class products.

Useful links:
To register for the event, visit: Register
To propose a talk, visit: Propose a Talk
Register to get trained here: Frappe Developer Certification
For more info on ERPNext, visit their website https://erpnext.com

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Hi All,

I will be speaking during this conference. So if you are around and want to catch up, do ping me at the session