ERP , MIS , Project management support needed

Hello, we are a mid-sized NGO (around 40 staff members) looking for support on ERPnext or similar tools, with a broad based need on HR/Inventory management/Grant Management/Project management/MIS needs.

As of now, we work mainly with Google forms and Looker studio are in a process of trying to make a medium to long term decision on going for either or combination of these options - Open source/Customized/Off-the-shelf , single or multiple solutions

The timeline for this process is till August end, at which point, we would like to come to a decision and start migration process




We’re thrilled to assist you in understanding ERPNext (#1 Open Source ERP), customizing it to your needs, and providing comprehensive staff training for seamless implementation and optimization.

We helped one non-profit organization with its digital shift via Erpnext. We’d like to learn more about your requirements


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Thanks for the reply . Will write an email to get connected and schedule a call

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Hi, we are using ERPNext for the last 6 years now and are looking for some support in customization and upgrading.


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Let us know your requirements, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

Please feel free to contact us at