Regarding ERP and Pestoscope - Android application - CSA

Hi Shemeer,

Greetings from CSA.

This is Prasanna, working with CSA (Centre for Sustainable Agriculture). We first met at Tech4Good Fellowship from April 12-15th 2018. I was part of the training.

  1. Yesterday, when we were discussing with Anwar about data management in our organization, I mentioned that tech4good also is using open source applications like ERPNext. We are using ERPNext for the last 6 years for our FPOs.

We have been using ERPNext for different purposes now. We customized for our Farmer Producer Company (Sahaja Aharam) for maintaining inventory, accounting, retail stores, and e-commerce platforms. We also customized for FPO data management, project management, call centre, agriculture module, and many customized doctypes for our regular field works. We have 4 instances of ERPNext.

a. ERP for all our FPOs data (60)

b. Internal ERP

c. ERP for retail business

d. ERP for farm and training mgmt

Presently, me and one of my colleagues are working on implementation and maintenance. There is a lot more customization required given the diversity in our work and also there is a need to develop a mobile application with an easy interface for users.

We are seeking your support in developing customized dashboards, integration with other platforms, and a mobile application for our ERPNext instances.

  1. Pestoscope: This is a mobile application that is backed by the WordPress site As this application needs internet some of our field team are unable to use it.

We are seeking support for developing an offline application so that it can be used anywhere and can update when connected to the internet.

Dear Prasanna,

So wonderful to hear about the important work you are doing at CSA. I remember meeting you in 2018! So nice to re-connect. Small world :slight_smile:

Will connect with you over a private message to schedule a time for a call to understand the requirements better and learn more. Looking forward to support in anyway we can to amplify your mission.