Seeking Assistance with Changing App Vendor for NGO


We have been a non-governmental organization dedicated to inclusive solutions for the past 20 years. We are currently facing issues with our existing app, developed by a vendor, and we are seeking advice and assistance from the community to help us address this situation.

Unfortunately, our current app is not functioning properly, and we have been unable to resolve the issues with the current vendor. Consequently, we have made the decision to switch to a different app vendor to ensure a better user experience for our community.

We kindly request your guidance and expertise in determining the potential costs associated with changing our app vendor.

Here are the key specifications for the new app we are seeking:

Technology Stack:
OS - Ubuntu 20.04
Backend programming language - Python 3.8.10
Backend programming framework - Django 3.2.7
Web server - Apache 2.4
Database - PostgreSQL 12.15
Android programming language - Java 8
Android database - SQLite 3.37
Hosting Configuration:
Cloud - DigitalOcean
Memory 4GB
Storage - 80GB

We would be grateful if you could provide us with an estimate of the potential cost range for switching app vendors. This estimate should encompass development, migration, and any associated setup or licensing fees.

Additionally, if any community members have recommendations for reliable app vendors with a successful track record of working with NGOs, we would greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you for your time and support.

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We can help, pls write to


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Our friends from Dhwani have already shared their contact as a reply to your post. More about their work at

You could also look at some others here

Hello Ronak, We @FeelTech would love to associate with you and help you with app development, migration, setup and also maintenance, and support.

Could you please share the brief at and we can take if from there?


Hi Ronak, we would like to extend our help for this. Could you please share the details Thank you!

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