Tech support and ideation for a social enterprise that helps NGOs in India with fundraising

I need support to design and plan for tech needs of a startup that is setting up retail fundraising engines for small non profits

Hi team,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We will connect in the coming week to take your through a process that will help the team to collectively think about the tech needs and also look at org strategy.

See you soon.

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you Divya for reaching out to us and for the important work that you do for the ecosystem of changemakers.

We had a wonderfully creative time with your team today! We identified key stakeholders, mapped out their needs and devised structured solutions for each one! It was a pleasure to watch Soni, Divya and Vinutha work together to shape their thoughts. Sharing some pictures and takeaways from our session today. Looking forward to our next session to take forward the process. This will help us identify the right tech tools that will help you achieve your mission and goals.

Thank you Omidyar Network for hosting us warmly and freely.

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Thanks for this.
It was a very valuable process and one that was crucial for us at this stage. We have continued the discussion today and have completed the tasks discussed. By the weekend we should have got some donor and fund raiser feedback
Can we find time on Monday or Tuesday next week for the next session