Tech intervention to solve for our workflow problem

Hi Folks,

I represent a social enterprise ecosystem based in the Nilgiris mountains.

A little about us:

The Good Gift (TGG) is the marketing arm of an enabling ecosystem anchored by Indian Yards Foundation (IYF) in the Nilgiris mountains.

IYF, a not for profit enterprise, up-skills women from rural & indigenous communities of The Nilgiris with craft forms and subsequently enables them into craft clusters that produce fabric dolls using upcycled pre consumer textile waste from their hamlets for the urban communities. TGG, a for profit, then provides with the market linkages. This ecosystem is aimed at instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in the minds of women from these mountain communities so that the women and, eventually the communities are onto a path of self sustenance. We have built a decentralized backward linking model to ensure we don’t disrupt their traditional way of life making these communities resilient. We are using craft and commerce as means to fuel this ecosystem.

More about us is available on and

As we scale, we are grappling with workflow management between the market linking enterprise and the producer women who work from their respective homes. We are looking for help to build some simple tech that could make this process efficient that includes data capture, reporting, approval steps, etc. Would help much if this is in form of a simple app so women can self service using their or their family owned smart phones.

Can talk more and explain further. Look forward.

Warm regards,
Suhas Ramegowda

Hi Suhas,

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing. Below are a few options

  1. Tech4Good Community is running a climate coalition that you might want to look at and apply.
  2. may have some prebuilt tools for your case that you could readily use at a very nominal cost. Please do reach out to them on their website. @Satyam
  3. @JinsoRaj from will reach out to you also to understand more

Thanks Shemeer… will look up the references and Look forward to talking to Jinso.