Need help to build a website for our organization - Center for Social Innovation and Impact

Dear Tech4Good Team,

I am Hridya Syamala Jairam, Founder - Center for Social Innovation and Impact.
I would like to seek your help in building a website for our organization.

Our organization uses local art forms and applied theatre to democratize, decentralize and decolonize the social innovation and impact strategies.
One of our project is ’ The Women’s Night School’ - It is a night school for the women from Kalbelia tribal community in Rajasthan where they learn how to read, write, count and other life skills. We are facilitating it through contextualized local art forms and applied theatre.
Being a newly formed organization, a website is critical to our work.
I have the basic content for the website.
Kindly help and Thanks in advance.



Dear Hridya Syamala Jairam,

Welcome to the community and Thank you for reaching out to the Tech4Good team. We are excited to help you create a website for your organization, the Center for Social Innovation and Impact. We appreciate the meaningful work you do, especially the Women’s Night School project.

To get started, we would like to know more about your website requirements:

  1. What features do you want on the website (like a blog, donation page, or contact form)?
  2. Are there websites you admire for inspiration?
  3. Have you thought of a website address (domain name)?
  4. Are there any deadlines which we should know about?

We have some doubts about these questions, which we can discuss over a call. If not, we have some templates. I am sharing the links here (Templates). Please check them and let us know which one you like. Will it help us in this project.

Best regards,
Megha Jibhakate
Tech4Good fellow

Hi Hridya, hope you are doing well.

I have worked as a full stack developer and can build a website for your organization. I wanna schedule a call or send a direct message for further details. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Hi Hridya

You can connect with me via email or phone number.
-+373 795 41 574 (you can add me on whatsapp with this number)

Hello Megha,

Thanks for your prompt response.

  1. We would like to have a blog, contact form and donation page.
  2. Not right now. I am having a look at different websites.
  3. Domain need to be bought - first thought - CSIIINDIA / TEAMCSII / CSII
  4. As soon as possible

I would like to get on a call with someone who can enlighten me on the whole process.

Thanks and Regards,

Hridya Jairam.


Many thanks to the aikyam fellows for crafting an amazing website for CSII. Your prompt response, creativity and expertise made the process seamless for us. Special thanks to Jinso, Megha, Sumi and Aysha.

Thanks and Regards,

Hridya Jairam.