Website Support for INREM probing societal issues concerning water, public health, agriculture and the environment

Dear T4G forum

We would like to have support with our organization website

As of now, this website design and content are quite dated and we want to redesign it fresh.

We need technical and communication design support for this purpose.

Would you be able to help us with this?

We can elaborate on our needs , based on specific questions ,



Hi Sundarrejan,

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you for reaching out to us, I will send out an email to you stating the basic expectations as well as the date on which we can have a call to discuss this in detail.

Meanwhile feel free to go through this list of website templates to choose the one to your liking: click here.

We are a not for profit and always use high quality open source, free and simple tools to deliver low maintenance, easy to use solutions for change makers like you. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do.

As we get into this process, i highly recommend and invite you to read the following topics, i assure you that you will enjoy reading and learning from them as we help build more discoverability and visibility for the important work you do.

Tech4Good Fellow

The following are two different options that can be considered to create the website:

Option 1: GitHub Pages with a common blogging platform (Highly recommended)

Benefits to NGO Cost to NGO Effort for NGO
Github pages sites are simple and light. e.g
Most content is usually static so won’t change much. INR 0 lifelong Changing content will require some basic training. Design change is complex.
Common Blogging platform (sample demo: ) is recommended as most of the time NGOs may need content editing, storytelling edits, illustrations, and marketing for their content. Blogs are only effective when they are shared widely and can reach a number of people. It’s like having a crowdfunding page, you get all the visibility without having to worry about marketing. INR 0 lifelong if you write your own blogs. You can pay extra for any premium services or getting interns to write blogs on demand etc. You can focus on the thing that’s most important - Writing blogs about the important work you are doing.
Next steps:
  1. Fill out the content Form
  2. Decide on the different pages to be included in the website.
  3. Plan the text and image content
  4. Upload the content onto the shared drive folder
  5. Decide to go live date
  6. Choose a template from the showcase
  7. Create the website and upload to Github

Option 2: Oracle VPS/GoDaddy & WordPress

Benefits to NGO Tech Cost to NGO Effort for NGO
Edits can be made without coding INR 0, oracle has a free tier for now which is available to a few sign-ups based on a first come and first serve basis. If they charge later, it will come to around 10 USD per month. { Godaddy server cost as per your plans will apply? }. Other options could be AWS which also has a free tier up to 300 USD for 1 year and will be chargeable afterward Requires knowledge of the WordPress interface
Adding pages or new content doesn’t require coding knowledge INR 0 Periodic updates, security, maintenance, and optimizations have to be done in-house.
Blog pages can be added seamlessly INR 0 Blog traffic will be limited when compared to the shared platform.
Next steps:
  • Fill out the content Form
  • Decide on the different pages to be included in the website.
  • Plan the text and image content
  • Upload the content onto the shared drive folder
  • Decide to go live date
  • Set up hosting
  • WordPress installation
  • Choose a theme and template
  • Create the site

Here is the link to a few WordPress templates that can be used to create the website
click here

This is a demo of the INREM website built on WordPress by one of our volunteers @Anand : click here

Dear Aysha

Thanks for your support on the website. We realized that we need Branding support also and now deciding upon a group that can help us with both aspects ie Branding and WordPress based site. Can we count on your support on any decisions we make in this regard ie hosting/content and tech related issues. Please let me know

Secondly, we have posted on our broader needs. We are looking at ERPnext closely and seeing if it also has Grant Management and MIS integrations possible along with what exists now