Help for website development for TYCIA Foundation that works on Education, Criminal Justice, Youth Leadership, Disaster Relief, Health and Livelihoods generation

Hello T4G Team,
Hope you are doing well.

I need help in creating my website to a free hosting site so I can reduce costs. I have the design and the content for my website.

Appreciate your help,
Mohit Raj
Project Second Chance

thanks Mohit, @JinsoRaj @Megha-Jibhakate @Lily

@~ Mohit Raj Hello Mohitraj,
We have completed TYCIA project and the website is live at Can we take TYCIA to its own domain? To proceed with this, we will need the GoDaddy credentials.
provide us asap.

Thank you so much, Tech4Good Team. The website looks very clean and professional. Grateful for the efforts!