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I need help in creating my website to a free hosting site so I can reduce costs. I have the design and the content for my website.

Anode Governance Lab is a Bangalore based organisation that works towards strengthening governance and enabling public institutions to function effectively. Our belief is that vibrant and learning institutions adapt and negotiate with the external environment to deliver their mandate consistently. Our institution building efforts leverage organisation development (OD) principles, which adopts a systemic view to change, associating with members of the institution as participants and not recipients of change.

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Dear client.

I am excited to apply for the role of helping you create a free hosting website. As someone who believes in strengthening institutions, I believe that a website can be a powerful tool for communication and outreach. I am confident that my skills and experience can help you achieve this goal.

I understand that your organization is working towards enabling public institutions to function effectively. Based on this understanding, I believe your website needs to have a design that is both informative and engaging to visitors. To that end, I will work with you to ensure that the website communicates your mandate consistently and clearly, while still presenting the content in an accessible way.

Regarding the cost of hosting your website, I agree that reducing costs is essential for nonprofit organizations such as yourselves. Hosting your website on a free platform will help save you money, which can be directed to other aspects of your work.

In summary, I believe that my passion for institution building, my experience in web development, and my ability to work within a budget make me an excellent candidate to help you create your website. Thank you for considering my application.

Sincerely, Klav

Thanks @anodegov - @JinsoRaj and @Lily have picked this up as discussed with them

In the meantime, we would recommend reading this post:

We have hosted the V1 of website in GitHub Pages, here is the link to the website. Can we make it live in its existing domain.