Avni - An open-source data collection, aggregation and case management platform to help frontline workers serve communities

Avni, which is a suite of tools that enables organizations to collect, manage, and analyze data using mobile devices.

  • It allows organizations to create forms and surveys on mobile devices, which can be filled out by field workers and volunteers, even in offline mode.
  • The forms can be customized to your needs and additionally has a plethora of features that will allow you to make a tailor-made application for your data collection needs.
  • The data collected can then be exported in a variety of formats for analysis and reporting. The tool itself is user-friendly and can be customized to the needs of different organizations, making it a popular choice for organizations working in the community service and non-profit sectors.
Feature Benefit
Mobile Data Collection Improve data accuracy and efficiency by collecting information on-the-go.
Case Management Streamline individual case tracking and support, ensuring each person receives tailored assistance.
Reporting and Analytics Inform decision-making and enhance program outcomes through data-driven insights.
Customizable Forms and Workflows Adapt the platform to your organization’s needs, ensuring relevant and accurate data collection.
Offline Support Collect and manage data even in areas with limited connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
Integration and API Support Create a comprehensive data management solution by connecting Avni to other tools and systems.
User Management and Access Control Safeguard sensitive information with robust access control and user management features.

Some of the use cases of Avni for non-profits and social justice organizations are:

  1. Health Programs: Support frontline health workers in collecting and managing data for immunization campaigns, maternal health, and more.
  2. Education Initiatives: Track student enrollment, attendance, and performance data to inform educational interventions and support.
  3. Livelihood Programs: Monitor skill development, job placement, and income generation activities to enhance economic opportunities for communities.
  4. Environmental Conservation: Collect and manage data on natural resource use, biodiversity, and conservation efforts to inform sustainable practices.
  5. Disaster Response: Coordinate support for individuals affected by natural disasters or crises, tracking incidents and managing cases effectively.

In addition to all the above and more super powers avni has,

  • Avni is fully open-source! and can be set up and used for free. But if you want to use their cloud-hosted version so that you don’t have to manage/maintain it, then you can look at their plans. Currently(as of 25 Jan 2023, the Avni project is also offering a one-time special plan for the first 50 organizations that sign up with them.

The hosted option at a (nominal cost) has the following benefits:

  • No infrastructure and server management required
  • All upgrades and bug fixes are automatically applied
  • Security and data backup/recovery are all taken care of

Link to the Avni Project website - https://avniproject.org/

You can sign up for a free account, use their hosted service, or even host the tool on your own server depending on your needs!