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We are working on a research project which involves collecting data from the vulnerable groups. We’ve been using the pen and paper method for quite sometime now. As the way forward, we are planning to go digital. We did try SurveyMonkey and Google forms but they are not quite handy in a no network zone and find it difficult to enter data when it comes to logical questions. Can you please suggest a software which could help us collect data, use logical questions, store and analyse the data simultaneously.
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Thanks Kaveri for sharing your query and thank you for the important work you are doing.

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As the organisation makes the decision to move from paper based data collection to digital, we suggest doing a benefits vs features map internally with your team so there is collective understanding before choosing the tool.

What does a Benefits Vs. Feature table look like for the challenge you are facing. Start by mapping out the benefits you need and then get help through googling or forums like these to find out the best tool that will fit your needs.

If your needs are similar to the ones you see above in this table, we highly recommend as it offers almost all the features that has been mapped above and has a strong open community that helps when you face any issues.


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This is a good approach suggested by @Tech4Good.
In addition to the features mentioned, if you have a use case for case management and longitudinal tracking, then do try Avni.
Key features are :

  • Offline Android Application
  • Online Web application
  • Native support for Household, self-help groups or any type of groups
  • Powerful and configurable forms with all standard and multi-media data types
  • Visit scheduling and auto-generating task list
  • Features for Job-aid for field workers and not just data collection
  • Approval Workflow
  • Out-of-box basic analytics
  • CSV uploads and downloads
  • Shared hosted service for low recurring costs with data centre in India
  • Self-serviceable low-code platform with web-based application designer and admin application
  • Open-source and built in India

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Hello Kaveri!

I don’t know if you managed to find a solution but I would like to offer another suggestion, ActivityInfo which includes an integrated mobile app and is based on a relational database model. This allows you to store, manage, analyze and visualize data after collecting it, all in the same system, so no need to export/import data. Data collection can also be done offline via the mobile app or desktop. I hope it helps!