Seeking suggestions on Apps/ Websites for Online Surveys

We at Paar are working on an online survey questionnaire that has both close (response choices given by researcher) and open-ended questions (responses can be up to the respondents and longer sentences). We plan on using google forms to send them to the respondents.
Are there any other apps, websites that make responding to questionnaires easy?
We don’t want people to have to download the form. We are also looking for something that works well on phone as well as the laptop.

Note: Examples of both types of questions from the survey

  1. Do you think the sentence of imprisonment should be longer or shorter?


  1. What does an ideal punishment for convicts look like to you?

Hi Saie,

First of all - Paar is doing such an amazing work! More power to you all from this community. :pray:t5:

I think for both the points mentioned above - Google forms is perfect, easy to configure, share. And also allows for aggregation and basic analysis if you connect it to a google sheet in the back end. But it needs to be online to work. For your usecase, i would still recommend Google Forms.

If you need t build forms which can work offline too then you may consider kobotoolbox which is free to use for organizations like yours. If you decide to go ahead with Kobotoolbox and need some guidance, please do let us know.

Thank you for your response.
We are going ahead with google forms for now.
Will try KoBoToolbox soon and continue the discussion.