Tool for Online Survey Questionnaire and analysis and follow up


We are looking at creating a survey questionnaire for one of our programmes. It is desciged with around 20-25 questions divided into 2-3 sections. Answer types could be text, Long Answer, Numerical, Rating, radio buttons, multiple choice. Target audience is HR/Senior team members of Organisations.

Once the survey is complete, we would need to analyse and also maybe follow up with the participating organisations to help them close any gaps.

Could you suggest some tools/plans for the same?

Hi Meiyun,

If its a one time survey to x Respondents to collect insights, etc then, We would suggest using KobotoolBox for the survey. Its simple, powerful and free. For analysis of Data you can use Metabase. (Short termism) Again easy to use.

But if the collected data will be used later to provide support, build a community, take the respondents to a journey and will have multiple interactions in the future. (Long termism), then would recommend to use something like ERPNext/Frappe with a Webform.

Frappe WebForms