Bahmni - Deliver health services to your community with this amazing healthcare records and patient information management tool

Bahmni is an open-source electronic medical record (EMR) system that can be particularly impactful in communities with low digital literacy. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it easy for healthcare providers to use and understand, even if they have limited experience with technology. This can be especially beneficial in low-income or rural communities where access to digital tools and resources may be limited.

One of the key features of Bahmni is its ability to manage patient data in a comprehensive and organized way. It includes modules for patient registration, clinical encounters, laboratory results, and more, allowing healthcare providers to easily access and update patient information as needed. Additionally, Bahmni is built to handle large amounts of data and can be easily integrated with other health information systems, making it easy to share patient data across different healthcare providers. This can help healthcare providers in low-digital literacy communities to easily access and manage patient information, which can improve patient outcomes and increase overall efficiency.

Additionally, Bahmni is designed to be highly customizable and extensible, which can help it to be adapted to the specific needs of low-digital literacy communities. It can be configured to match local languages and workflows and can be integrated with other digital tools and resources that are available in the community. This can help to ensure that Bahmni is accessible and useful to healthcare providers and patients in any community.

Another benefit of Bahmni is that it is open-source and self-hostable. This means that organizations can deploy Bahmni on their own infrastructure and have full control over their data and the EMR they build. This can be especially useful for organizations that need to comply with specific regulations or have strict data privacy requirements.

You can check out their product and download the application on their website -

They also have a vibrant community and documentation, both of which you can check out here - Community Resources — Bahmni™