DanaMojo is a donation management platform tailored to the needs of non-profit organizations and social enterprises

DanaMojo is a donation management platform tailored to the needs of non-profit organizations and social enterprises. It offers an array of features and tools designed to simplify donation collection, reporting, and donor management.


  1. Customizable donation forms
  2. Multiple payment methods
  3. Donation tracking and reporting
  4. Donor management
  5. Dedicated support for non-profits


  1. Limited to Indian non-profits
  2. Not open-source or self-hosted

DanaMojo is not an open-source platform and cannot be self-hosted. It is a cloud-based solution specifically for Indian non-profits.

Use cases for non-profits and social enterprises:

  1. Donation collection: DanaMojo’s customizable donation forms make it easy for non-profits to collect donations from supporters.
  2. Campaign management: Social enterprises can create and manage fundraising campaigns using the platform.
  3. Donor engagement: Non-profits can use DanaMojo’s donor management features to maintain donor relationships and communication.
  4. Reporting and analysis: DanaMojo offers robust reporting tools to help organizations track donation trends and campaign performance.
Benefit Feature
Easy donation collection Customizable donation forms, multiple payment methods
Improved donor engagement Donor management features
Efficient campaign management Fundraising campaign tools
Enhanced reporting and analysis Comprehensive reporting and analytics
Streamlined support for non-profits Dedicated non-profit support

To sign up and use DanaMojo, visit their website (https://www.danamojo.org) and create an account. Follow the onboarding process to set up your organization’s donation forms and campaigns. DanaMojo provides documentation and customer support to assist you with the setup and integration process.

Cost-benefit comparison with other popular service providers:

Service Provider Pricing Notable Features
DanaMojo Custom pricing Customizable donation forms, dedicated non-profit support
RazorPay 2% per transaction Multiple payment methods, subscription feature
PayU 2.2% per transaction OneTap payments, international payments
CCAvenue 1.99% per transaction Multi-currency support, 200+ payment options

When selecting a donation management platform for your non-profit or social enterprise, consider factors such as pricing, features, and ease of integration to ensure you choose the best option for your organization’s needs.

Additional Details from their website

DanaMojo can help non-profit organizations in several ways:

  • DanaMojo is India’s first payment solutions platform for NGOs that provides an online payment gateway with a range of payment options, including international donations¹.
  • DanaMojo also offers donation products to increase fund flow, such as one-time donations, committed giving platform (monthly/recurring donations), and QR code platform¹.
  • DanaMojo helps NGOs to manage their donations more efficiently by providing dashboards, automated 80G receipts, online PAN verification, cheque pickup in 300+ cities, and auto-separation for FC and non-FC donations¹².
  • DanaMojo has partnered with over 1,050+ NGOs across India, including Akshaya Patra Foundation, CRY, GiveIndia, Teach for India, etc¹.
  • DanaMojo has recently raised Rs 3.05 crore in its first round of funding from Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies, Social Alpha, and other investors³⁴.

You can learn more about DanaMojo by visiting their website or their blog.

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