RazorPay is a comprehensive payment gateway designed for businesses, non-profits, and social enterprises

RazorPay is a comprehensive payment gateway designed for businesses, non-profits, and social enterprises. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, RazorPay streamlines payment collection and processing, enabling organizations to focus on their core mission.


  1. Easy integration with multiple platforms
  2. Supports a wide range of payment methods
  3. Advanced reporting and analytics
  4. Security features and PCI DSS Level 1 compliance
  5. Competitive pricing


  1. Limited to India-based businesses and customers
  2. Not open-source or self-hosted

RazorPay is not open-source and cannot be self-hosted. It is a cloud-based payment gateway solution.

Use cases for non-profits and social enterprises:

  1. Donation collection: RazorPay enables non-profits to collect donations easily through various payment methods.
  2. Event registration: Social enterprises can use RazorPay to manage event registration fees and payments.
  3. Membership fees: Non-profits can collect membership fees from supporters using RazorPay’s subscription feature.
  4. Online store: Social enterprises can integrate RazorPay into their online stores for seamless payment processing.
Benefit Feature
Seamless payment processing Multiple payment methods support
Recurring payments Subscription feature
Simplified payment reconciliation Advanced reporting and analytics
Enhanced security PCI DSS Level 1 compliance
Multi-platform integration Integration with popular e-commerce platforms

RazorPay offers a competitive solution for non-profits and social enterprises looking to streamline their payment processing needs. Its wide range of features and strong security measures make it an attractive option for organizations operating in India.

To sign up and use RazorPay, visit their website (https://razorpay.com) and create an account. Follow the onboarding process to integrate RazorPay into your organization’s website or app. RazorPay provides comprehensive documentation and support to help you with the integration process.

Cost-benefit comparison with other popular service providers:

Service Provider Pricing Notable Features
RazorPay 2% per transaction Multiple payment methods, subscription feature
PayU 2.2% per transaction OneTap payments, international payments
CCAvenue 1.99% per transaction Multi-currency support, 200+ payment options
Instamojo 2% + ‚āĻ3 per transaction Payment links, digital products support

When selecting a payment gateway for your non-profit or social enterprise, consider factors such as pricing, features, and ease of integration to ensure you choose the best option for your organization’s needs.

Additional Information from the RazorPay Site

RazorPay can help non-profit organizations in several ways:

  • RazorPay allows NGOs to accept donations online without a website or a payment gateway integration by using RazorPay Payment Pages¬Ļ. These pages can be customized and support various payment modes, including international payments¬Ļ.
  • RazorPay also enables NGOs to generate 80G receipts automatically and send them to donors via email as soon as the donation is successful by using RazorPay Payment Page Receipts¬≤. This saves time and effort for NGOs and helps donors claim tax exemptions¬≤.
  • RazorPay has partnered with AIESEC, a global non-profit organization that provides leadership opportunities for young people, to help them collect donations and manage their finances more efficiently¬≥. RazorPay also supports other global and local non-profits during the COVID-19 crisis by extending their reach to an online audience¬≥.

You can learn more about RazorPay’s solutions for non-profits by visiting their blog or their website.

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