Dedicated Mentoring Program by Code for GovTech (C4GT)

The Code for GovTech (C4GT) initiative is a transformative ecosystem aiming to enhance digital public goods (DPG), digital public infrastructure (DPI), and other technological utilities with social impact. This initiative invites technology enthusiasts worldwide to engage in the Dedicated Mentoring Program (DMP) 2024—an exciting opportunity to work on population-scale problems and gain invaluable experience through mentorship from industry experts.

Who Can Apply?

The DMP 2024 is tailored for individuals passionate about technology, coding, or product design (including user research and UI/UX design) who are eager to contribute to open-source projects. If you meet the project-specific skills requirements and are prepared to dedicate at least 20 hours per week from June to September, you are encouraged to apply.

Key Dates

  • Application Deadline: 2024-04-30T18:30:00Z
  • Results Announced: 2024-05-24T18:30:00Z
  • Coding Period: 2024-05-31T18:30:00Z to 2024-09-10T18:30:00Z

Rewards and Benefits

Successful candidates will receive:

  • Stipend: A total stipend of INR 1 Lakh, distributed in two installments.
  • Certification: A certificate of completion that enhances your professional profile.
  • Mentorship: Direct mentorship from experienced practitioners and networking opportunities.
  • Meet-ups and Future Opportunities: Access to in-person meetings and potential future job placements.

This program not only provides a stipend but also a platform to enhance skills, connect with like-minded professionals, and potentially secure future job opportunities in the tech industry. To read more about the program and to apply, visit GovTech’s Dedicated Mentoring Program page.

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