Edunet Foundation is hiring for Master Trainer - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Warangal)

Edunet Foundation, founded in 2015, is a social enterprise in India focused on bridging the gap between academia and industry, improving student employability, promoting innovation, and fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The organization emphasizes emerging technologies to enhance the knowledge ecosystem and prepare beneficiaries for Industry 4.0 careers. Since 2020, Edunet Foundation has had Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). With a national reach, its programs, both online and instructor-led, benefit tens of thousands of learners annually.

Master Trainer AI-ML at Edunet Foundation

Location: Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Warangal
Travel: Required within the designated regions

Role Overview

The Master Trainer in AI-ML will support the organization in developing and delivering highly technical, skills-based content focused on the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence. This role includes the preparation of technical documentation, user guides, and the delivery of content through face-to-face (F2F) and online modes.

Reporting: Report to the Technical Head at Edunet Foundation

Key Responsibilities

  • Skill Development Programs: Deliver comprehensive end-to-end AI application development and deployment programs on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure.
  • Content Development: Design and develop cohesive technical content on modern AI, Machine Learning, and computer vision.
  • Content Delivery: Conduct instructor-led classroom presentations, webinars, and virtual classrooms for both internal and external clients.
  • Content Preparation: Prepare and enhance rollout presentations, course materials, and labs for effective content delivery.
  • Relationship Management: Build and maintain relationships with educational institutes, coordinate training logistics, and work with students, faculty, and management to achieve goals.
  • Feedback Collection: Regularly gather feedback from participants to improve content, impact, and teaching methods.
  • Technical Problem Solving: Apply experience and knowledge to solve complex technical problems.
  • Project Development: Design and implement front-end and backend components for content delivery products.
  • Showcasing Success Stories: Identify and report regional success stories to top management in consultation with the Program Manager.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Data Science.
  • Experience: 3-5 years of relevant work experience.

Required Skills & Attributes

  • AI Tools and Technologies: Experience with the latest AI tools and technologies and integrating interactive learning content.
  • Python Programming: Strong Python programming skills in a Linux environment.
  • Cloud Platforms: Experience creating and hosting chatbots on cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and integrating with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Linux Operating Systems: Proficiency in Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu.
  • Data Science Libraries: Experience with data science libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, seaborn, and Scikit-learn.
  • Deep Learning Frameworks: Hands-on experience with deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, and Theano.
  • Computer Vision: Experience with computer vision applications and image processing, particularly using OpenCV.
  • Project Management: Experience in handling technical projects, product development, mentoring, and guiding technical projects and events.
  • Personal Attributes: Highly motivated, self-driven, eager to learn, excellent analytical and multitasking skills, excellent communication and presentation skills, customer-oriented, and responsive.
  • Assessment Metrics: Ability to identify assessment metrics, track tangible gains, and ensure last-mile reach.
  • Documentation: Maintain thorough records and generate program reports.
  • Ethical Standards: High levels of integrity and ethical behaviour.

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