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Leveraging Technology for Social Impact: Join Project Tech4Dev

Project Tech4Dev, a pivotal initiative under Dasra, is dedicated to empowering non-profits with cutting-edge technological solutions. Their mission is to serve as a high-performing tech enabler for the non-profit sector, offering a spectrum of solutions that range from providing open-source platforms to building comprehensive tech and data capacities within these organisations. Through platforms like Glific, Dalgo, and Avni, and our Fractional CxO Program, they aim to enhance the impact of non-profits by equipping them with the necessary technological tools and expertise.

Their Open Source Platforms

  • Glific: A communication platform tailored for non-profit needs.
  • Dalgo: A comprehensive data platform to manage and analyze information.
  • Avni: A field data collection platform designed for ease of use in diverse settings.

Building Tech and Data Capacity

Beyond providing platforms, Tech4Dev places a strong emphasis on building the technological and data capacity of non-profits through their Fractional CxO Program. This initiative is designed to place seasoned technology professionals within these organisations, fostering growth and innovation from within.


The ideal candidate will:

  • Develop and scale technology platforms with an emphasis on AI/ML/LLM advancements.
  • Lead a high-performance engineering team, guiding them in making impactful technology choices.
  • Set the technical direction, driving the evolution of our system architecture.
  • Design and optimize machine learning algorithms, focusing on generative AI and language models, in collaboration with our NGO partners.
  • Analyze large datasets to extract insights for model development or finetuning.
  • Experiment with various machine learning models to ensure their robustness and equity, especially in the Indian / Global South contexts.


Tech4Dev is looking for someone who has:

  • At least 10 years of experience, with 1-2 years in a leadership role managing software engineering teams.
  • Experience in Machine Learning, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • Deep knowledge in deep learning and NLP, along with a proficiency in Python, TensorFlow, or PyTorch.
  • A clear understanding of Large Language Models and related AI technologies.
  • A passion for staying updated on the latest in AI & ML and for building equitable AI technology for the social sector.

Pay Range and Benefits

  • The salary range is between 30 LPA to 45 LPA, reflecting our commitment to hiring diverse talents.
  • We offer a dynamic working environment, opportunities to engage with NGOs, attend conferences, and work in inspiring locations.

Join Tech4Dev

If you are motivated by the prospect of leveraging technology to drive social change and are interested in transitioning to the social sector, please send your resume to and share why you are drawn to the social sector.

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