Job alert! Senior Manager/Associate Director of Technology (fCxOs at NGOs) at ProjectTech4Dev (Remote)

ProjectTech4Dev, an initiative under Dasra, stands out as a beacon of support for nonprofits, striving to be a high-performing tech enabler that equips these organisations with the necessary tools and technology. Let’s delve into what ProjectTech4Dev offers, the qualifications and skills it seeks in candidates, and the responsibilities that come with the role.

ProjectTech4Dev is dedicated to transforming the technological landscape of nonprofits through a variety of solutions:

  • Open Source Platforms: Offering platforms like Glific, Development Data Platform, and Avni, ProjectTech4Dev ensures that nonprofits have access to robust and adaptable tools tailored to their needs.
  • Tech Capacity Building: Through the Fractional CxO Program, seasoned technology professionals are placed within nonprofits, enhancing their tech and data capabilities.

This initiative enables nonprofits to leverage technology effectively, ensuring they can focus on their core mission with enhanced operational efficiency.

Role and Expectations

Individuals in this role will collaborate with one or more NGOs, sharing their expertise in a CxO capacity, which encompasses Tech, Data, and Tech Strategy. This arrangement is designed to be flexible, allowing for cost and time-sharing to maximize impact.

Qualifications & Experience

  • An Engineering Degree coupled with a minimum of 10 years of technology experience is essential.
  • Experience in the social sector, whether through work or volunteering, is highly valued.
  • For those transitioning from the corporate sector, a short-term volunteering assignment will be arranged to ensure alignment with the sector’s needs.

Skills & Competencies

Successful candidates will exhibit a range of skills and competencies:

  • Profound knowledge in tech strategy, technical engineering, project/program management, and data analysis/management.
  • Strong leadership, communication, and relationship-building skills.
  • An adaptable and learning mindset, with the ability to develop and manage diverse teams.
  • A belief in technology as an enabler and a capacity-building approach rather than a purely executional stance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Enhance NGO operations for better efficiency and decision-making.
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive tech + data strategy and roadmap.
  • Lead software development projects from design to implementation.
  • Build the internal team’s tech proficiency and foster a culture of innovation.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with tech providers to meet organisational needs.

Work Location and Travel

  • The role is primarily remote, with weekly check-ins with the local ProjectTech4Dev team.
  • Quarterly travel is required for team meetings and occasional visits to NGO offices, based on engagement needs.


  • Reflecting the diverse experience and skill levels of potential candidates, the pay range is broad, from 30 LPA to 45 LPA.
  • The organization focuses on creating a positive work environment and culture, including opportunities to work with NGOs, attend conferences, and enjoy group work sessions in appealing locations.

ProjectTech4Dev presents a unique opportunity for technology professionals to contribute significantly to the social sector, harnessing their expertise to empower nonprofits through innovative tech solutions. This role not only demands a high level of technical and strategic proficiency but also a deep commitment to the ethos of social good.

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