Frappe LMS, PupilFirst, Moodle? Looking for recommendations for an online Information Literacy product

We are curating Information Literacy courses in key Indian languages. We are looking for a seamless platform for users to navigate easily, and also for us to automate end-to-end CRM at the backend. We would like the ability to customise the look and feel to match our brand to an extent, however the key requirements are as follows:

  • Link course videos/playlists from YouTube. Make playlists into chapters/lessons
  • Images/banners of courses and other promotions on home page
  • video previews/hook plays on home page
  • Automate the onboarding process for batches as well as individuals, including customised welcome email
  • Expiry date and timely reminders
  • Automated assessments (MCQs)
  • Discussion forums
  • testimonials feature on home page
  • easy contact options - ideally a whatsapp chat integration

Thanks for reaching out.

There are these 4 open source solutions what we have used/recommended in the past. Depends on the usecases.

Based on your requirements, i would suggest checking out both Frappe LMS and PupilFirst

also, Have sent you login to our instance of Pupilfirst on an email privately

this is another theme (99 USD) but works on an open source CMS Ghost.
more customisable etc. but very simple. almost like a blog with a few super powers

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Thanks for all the suggestions. We checked out Frappe LMS, Pupil first and Moodle.

Upon first comparison, we are liking Frappe LMS for the UX, customisation and responsiveness, although it’s a tad pricey for us, and the price tiers are determined based on CPU time.

Moodle also has some great features and workflow automation, but its first tier limits the number of users (students) to 50 and the second tier to 100. We are not sure at this point, how many students we would onboard given the slightly novel nature of our project.

We are evaluating PupilFirst for our purpose now, and will share updates on that.

Since we are new to an LMS altogether, we may not be asking all the right questions at this stage. Inviting thoughts from others who have already used other LMS and the benefits/challenges they have met found in their journeys.

@citizen_digital Hello, This is Yogesh. Is this requirement still open? Can we connect?