Any recommendations for Learning Managemenr Systems (LMS) for grassroot NGOs

Hello Folks,

At Climate Asia, we started supporting 12 grassroot NGOs that are working on Climate Action in the states of Jharkhand, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

All these organisations are based out of rural remote geographies working with marginalised communities on climate change adaptation and resilience.

In the next six months, we will be supporting these organisations in the areas of Human Capital Development, Technology, Communications, Strategy for programmes in Climate Action, fundraising etc.

We would like to explore a Learning Management System for the learning journey. We are planning some webinars and in-person workshops to work with these 12 NGOs on this topic in the coming weeks.

If anyone has any recommendations, Please reach out to me. Thanks

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We love the work you are doing at Climate Asia. I would recommend having conversations with your key stakeholders - in this case trainers, trainees/participants, other service providers to understand what their needs would be like and then we can recommend you the right tools. Usually training is more of a course/structure challenge than a tech challenge.

Once we understand the needs, we will be able to recommend Free & Open Source Tools that might be best fit for your users. I will coordinate with you to do some of the interviews with the stakeholders and also guide you through the same. Looking forward to it.

In the meantime these following threads are a good read

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Hi @Tech4Good, The LMS support request is here. Please share next steps for su to get on to a platform for LMS

Hi Koushik,

@JinsoRaj Will guide you with next steps on Digital Ocean Credits, and setting up an instance of FrappeLMS