Technology adoption for Climate Action Programmes by grassroot NGOs

Hello Folks,

At Climate Asia, we started supporting 12 grassroot NGOs that are working on Climate Action in the states of Jharkhand, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

All these organisations are based out of rural remote geographies working with marginalised communities on climate change adaptation and resilience. Some of the areas of work they do include:

  • Gram Sabha Model/Local democracy / Strengthening Local Institutions
  • Regenerative Agriculture / Kitchen Gardens / Climate Resilient Agriculture
  • Setting up an supporting FPOs
  • Green Education and Skills Campaigns
  • Solar Drying / Solar Lighting / Biogas
  • Vermicomposting
  • Agroforestry
  • Forest Produce Marketing

One of the aspects of capacity building of NGOs is to explore how technology can be leveraged for their programmes, visibility, communications, fundraising etc.

We are planning some webinars and in-person workshops to work with these 12 NGOs on this topic in the coming weeks. If anyone has any models, success stories, learnings, ideas etc to collaborate or contribute, Please reach out to me.

I’ll keep posting about our learning here. Thanks

@Tech4Good @arunabha


Dear @Koushiky ,

Was wonderful speaking to you and learning more about the work you are doing with these impactful grassroots organisations. We are excited to be part of the ecosystem and will definitely participate along with some fellows. Will connect to plan next steps.

Also - Inviting other members of the forum to also contribute with their thoughts. @Ira @Tony @Ayush

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Thank you @Shemeer!

Hi @Koushiky ,

Super excited to hear about your efforts. I’d love to learn more and explore how we can support! Will reach out :slight_smile:


Thanks for wonderful session with our NGO partners at Ranchi, where @Tech4Good Shemeer has given an overview of ERPNext and other important tools that NGOs can use. The session also explored the importance of ChatGPT kind of AI tools for social impact.

T4g team - Jinso and Megha have been constantly supporting our network NGOs in setting up websites, ERP etc.

I had some good conversations with @Tony_Dsouza as well, to explore collabs.

Look forward to continue this journey.

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