Companies developing AI tools for NGOs

Hi Shemeer,

Given the recent upsurge in the trend of AI tools for all sectors/ industries, I was wondering if there are any good AI tools for NGOs? Ideally, I would prefer to speak to companies that are developing various AI/ AI-based technologies focussed on enabling NGOs to operate better. Their products can be in any stage - idea/ MVP/ PoC/ early revenues/ etc - doesn’t matter. I would like to have conversations with some promising companies/ teams.

I represent an US-based Financial Institution that wants to build capacities in this area through equity investment.



Welcome to the forum Aditya! thanks for sharing.

Inviting @arunabha , @varunh to share any connects/orgs that can help.

Hi Aditya

You can check out and OpenNyay from Agami -

There is a mention here 🌟 Join as a Community Engagement Lead and Make a Difference in the Development Sector!

In addition let us ask around and come to you


Hi Aditya,

I am keen to develop a ChatBot that might act as a paralegal for NGOs. Though not sure if that equity investment material.

Sounds interesting, Nivedita. Let’s chat whenever you have time during Thursday second half or Friday. Thanks.


Thanks, Arunabha

please do email me - we can take this forward. Happy to chat on Friday morning.

Thanks Shemeer & Arunabha for the heads up and connect.

Hi Aditya,

I’m a part of Agami ( We lead OpenNyAI (, a collaborative initiative working with a community of entrepreneurs building AI tools and platforms for justice. The collaborative is focused on building digital public goods in the form of open models, datasets and tools for the ecosystem.

We worked closely with AI4Bharat, Microsoft Research, ToughtWorks and other collaborators to build Jugalbandi, a GPT based chatbot that can converse in all Indian languages supported by the Bhasini Model, in both voice and text over WhatsApp.

We’re also working with the community to develop more models and tools for the field. We’re happy to connect and walk you through the Justice AI innovation landscape.

I’m available on


Welcome to the community @varunh and @Nivedita

Thanks, Nivedita. Have connected via email.

Thanks, Varun. That seems like a comprehensive round up of the AI landscape. Let’s catch up. Have dropped you an email.