Weaver, OpenNyAI Agami

Agami is seeking a talented young lawyer with a deep applied interest in technology who wants to play a critical role in the way AI transforms access to justice in India. OpenNyAI is doing some of the most cutting-edge work in this space and the opportunity for continuous learning and large scale impact is real.

About OpenNyAI

OpenNyAI is an open collaborative mission aimed at developing open source software, infrastructure and datasets (AI Public Goods) to catalyse the creation of AI-powered solutions that will advance access to justice.

Agami, ThoughtWorks, NLSIU Bangalore, EkStep and Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies are the founding members of the Mission, but the Mission has expanded to include a maker community of lawyers and technologists across leading universities, startups and institutions.

Mission activities include -

  • Directly Co-Developing Critical AI Public Goods - Rhetorical Roles and Named Entity Recognition Models, Judgment Summariser Tool, Jugalbandi, Judges’ Intelligent Virtual Assistant (JIVA)
  • Supporting Community Innovators to create Transformational AI-powered Justice Applications - OpenNyAI Labs
  • Strengthening the Maker Community - Learning Circles, OpenNyAI Labs, Jamming with Jugalbandi, OpenNyAI Forum

About the Role

In the last 2 years, OpenNyAI has achieved several milestones - creating a previously absent community of Legal AI experts and enthusiasts, developing a fundamental layer of building blocks for Legal AI solutions tailored to India, a global benchmark on Named Entity Recognition Model for Indian Legal text, engaged over 150 law students in the creation of applications and use cases, enabled 50 + entrepreneurs and innovators in the pursuit of building Legal AI solutions. The Weaver will play a big role in how the initiative will look 2 years from now. We are looking for a passionate and responsible go getter to work on managing projects, building and reimagining the OpenNyAI community, identifying and creating avenues for more entrepreneurship and innovation in the ecosystem, working with government personnel and formal justice system stakeholders, managing interns along with necessary day to day operational management responsibilities. You will essentially be weaving together a network of ideas and people combined with storytelling to shape the Legal AI ecosystem in the country.


  1. Project and Product Management - You will be working with the core team to drive fast paced projects which utilise AI to drive solutions for grassroots organisations, judiciary, citizens at large and other (in)formal justice system stakeholders. An example of this is not just the timely delivery of commitments around Jugalbandi but also reimagining and iterating over the product-user fit and the strategic direction of the project.
  2. Community Activation - OpenNyAI is essentially a maker space and so we have a wide community of innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, legal experts, tech professionals and other stakeholders who we continue to activate and engage to drive more AI powered solutions. This looks like organising regular Learning Circles, one on one interactions and other creative avenues.
  3. Writing and Communication - OpenNyAI is at the forefront of thought leadership when it comes to Legal AI applications in the country and globally. We are engaged in regular both non technical and technical writing and content creation. You will be required to actively contribute to this thought leadership.

Skills and Experience

Successful candidates will possess most of the following skills and experiences:


  1. A Bachelor’s/Master’s in Law with a demonstrated interest in applied technology. An additional qualification in areas of AI/ML, data science and allied courses is preferred but not mandatory.
  2. Familiarity with technological projects and product management
  3. Experience in the intersection of law and tech along with community activation will be an advantage
  4. Minimum one year of relevant work experience.


  1. Entrepreneurial Skills: Are you a Maker? Do you have an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial track record? The self-permission and critical thinking skills to question the status quo and identify opportunities for action? Have you been able to connect people and partners effectively to advance your work or idea?
  2. Creativity: Do you have a wide range of interests and seek out opportunities that demand creativity? Do you identify yourself as a learner? Are you able to overcome obstacles creatively?
  3. Teamwork: Are you adept at motivating and rallying teams and partners to pursue and grow ideas? Do you thrive in an agile work environment with fluid team structures? Do you have the ability to curate strong networks bringing together individuals across sectors?
  4. Communication: Proven oral and writing skills and expertise in customising content for multiple formats and contexts.

About Agami

Agami inspires and enables ideas that solve the biggest challenges in law and justice. Ideas that expand and democratize access to legal services, and help the sector in its journey towards becoming more inclusive and just. At Agami, we curate and catalyze such ideas that go beyond the constraints of the system and become solutions that scale to achieve impactful results. And we do this with a mindset of collaboration, abundance and transparency. We hope that when we are done, the law and justice sector will no longer be seen as archaic, opaque and insular, but a robust, thriving ecosystem that provides efficient, affordable and timely access to legal resources for all…