FrappeDesk - Ensure last mile Delivery of services to all your stakeholders using this simple online platform

Frappe Desk is an open-source, feature-rich helpdesk and customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed for individuals, non-profits, and social justice organizations. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Frappe Desk offers an efficient solution for managing customer interactions and support requests

The software is built on the Frappe framework, which is an open-source platform for building enterprise applications. FrappeDesk provides a range of features to help businesses manage their support operations, including ticket management, email integration, and knowledge base management.

One of the key features of FrappeDesk is its ticket management system, which allows organizations to track and respond to customer inquiries and issues in a centralized location. The system includes features such as automated routing, prioritization, and escalation, which help businesses ensure that customer inquiries are handled efficiently and effectively. Additionally, FrappeDesk’s email integration allows businesses to receive and respond to customer inquiries directly from their email inboxes, making it easy to manage customer interactions from a single location.

Another important feature of FrappeDesk is its knowledge base management system, which allows businesses to create and organize articles and resources to help stakeholders troubleshoot and solve common issues. The knowledge base can be accessed by the stakeholders through a self-service portal, which helps to reduce the number of inquiries that need to be handled by support staff. This can lead to a reduction in support costs and an improvement in overall stakeholder satisfaction. The knowledge base can also be used to provide helpful information about the organization’s mission and programs.

As summary of the features of Frappe Desk are:

  1. Ticket Management: Create, assign, and track support tickets to ensure timely resolution of customer issues.
  2. Contact Management: Store and manage customer contact information for seamless communication and relationship building.
  3. Email Integration: Integrate with email services to send and receive customer communications directly within the platform.
  4. Knowledge Base: Build and maintain a knowledge base to assist customers with self-service support options.
  5. Customization: Personalize the platform to suit your organization’s unique needs and preferences.
  6. Reporting and Analytics: Access detailed reports and analytics to gain insights into customer interactions and support performance.
Feature Benefit
Ticket Management Efficiently resolve customer issues by tracking and managing support tickets.
Contact Management Build and maintain strong customer relationships by managing contact information effectively.
Email Integration Streamline customer communication by integrating with email services.
Knowledge Base Empower customers with self-service support options through a comprehensive knowledge base.
Customization Tailor the platform to your organization’s specific needs and preferences.
Reporting and Analytics Make informed decisions and improve support performance with detailed reports and analytics.

Some of the use cases of Frappe Desk for individuals, non-profits, and social justice organizations are:

  1. Customer Support: Manage and resolve support requests from customers, donors, or community members.
  2. Donor Management: Maintain and nurture relationships with donors, keeping them informed about your organization’s work and impact.
  3. Volunteer Coordination: Communicate with and manage volunteers, providing them with the information and support they need.
  4. Campaign Management: Organize and track outreach campaigns for fundraising, advocacy, or community engagement.
  5. Resource Sharing: Provide access to essential resources, such as guides, manuals, or training materials, through a knowledge base.

Frappe Desk is an open-source helpdesk and CRM platform that offers individuals, non-profits, and social justice organizations a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for managing customer interactions and support requests. Its robust features and customization options make it a valuable tool for organizations looking to enhance customer engagement and support efficiency. To learn more about Frappe Desk and explore its features, visit

As with other Frappe Applications, you can choose to self-host it or run it using their managed hosting service - Frappe Cloud (

They have an active Telegram community as well which you can join if you have any queries or just want to talk to other organizations that use the Frappe Desk platform. To join the community, you can click the link - Telegram: Contact @frappedesk