Gen X founder looking for user-friendly Hubspot equivalent for non-profits

Hubspot Free has been a fantastic for CRM tool for us, but now we need to automate workflows and Hubspot for non-profits if not available in India. Can someone recommend good, user-friendly alternatives that even a Gen X Founder can operate? :slight_smile:

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Hi Team,

Thank you for reaching out. We have some notes in this topic that you might find useful. Considering a very specifi usecase of a contact relationship management (more details in the link below) - for a small team of less than 10 users, i would recommend salesforce for non profits. Note: You dont need an FCRA for their software donation. so yay :slight_smile:

All relevant links are available in the post below. Hope this will be helpful.

Hi citizen_digital,
We have an affordable CRM solution designed primarily for nonprofits. It’s not just the software, but the technical support and training make it user-friendly for all generations, including Gen X. PQ-CRM – PQ Solutions