Suggestions needed for an online CRM platform which is open source/low-cost to manage contacts and relationship building for our mission work

Hi, we at Climate Asia are looking for a simple CRM tool which is low cost and easily manageable by (non-tech) users to track our relationships with clients for fundraising purpose as well as grant management.

Listing below some of the items that we would need the system to track:

  1. Repository of all contact information of organisations/individuals we speak to
  2. Manage, track and organize relationships with clients- Tracking meetings, calls, events, emails etc.
  3. Track proposals/opportunities with clients from early stage to conversion
  4. Generate Donor/ client history
  5. Task Reminders
  6. Automated analytics and reports

Any leads would be helpful!

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Hi Meiyun,
Please check out PQ-CRM – PQ Solutions.
I would need to know a bit more about your organization and your donor management system needs. Please contact me at or 813-905-4887 (WhatsApp). Thanks, Priya

Thank you Meiyun for sharing and welcome to the group! :clap:t5:

It was wonderful engaging with you on our call(s) to better understand the requirement. I am documenting some of our conversation here so it can be shared with others also who might be thinking through similar challenges.

The first step we did was map out the key stakeholders.

The next step was to take a few key stakeholders and start writing out what will be the benefits that they can expect/need from the solution

For example for the partnership lead is shown below. Similar benefits need to be mapped for other stakeholders as well.

The next activity we did was try to imagine the solution as a bunch of registers. This helps us see the value of individual registers that a CRM can offer to future projects, ideas.

Considering the above use cases, we would recommend the following few that you could explore

  1. ERP Next has a robust CRM component. and you could use their for as little as 750 INR per month to host your own instance. ERPNext - All in one solution for your HR, Finance, Inventory, Donors, Inventory, Projects, and more modules
  2. CiviCRM
  3. Salesforce for non profits (Free for NGOs with upto 10 user licenses)