How does one set-up outgoing call campaign on an IVR platform. Exotel?

What are the steps that we would need to follow to set up an outgoing message to a set of callers in a regional language?

Bulk Outgoing calls with important info to your audience is a very effective way to communicate with programme participants who

  • Dont have access to a smart phone (esp women, girls in rural India)
  • Use a regular feature phone that does not have internet, smart apps, etc.
  • It can also break language barriers by providing the benefit of spoken language

In Exotel,

The New Campaigns feature is a tool that allows campaigners to run call campaigns with up to 5 lakh contacts.
It includes features such as dynamic greeting, retry, campaign-level reports and an inbox, and the ability to mark an ongoing campaign as completed.
It also has its own address book called Lists (This is different from the Contact list. So when you create a campaign and try to pick a list and it shows empty, means you have to create a new list) and Contacts where contacts can be added by uploading a CSV file.

The key benefits of this tool include the ability to create dynamic greeting and IVR, retry functionality, campaign-level reports, the ability to mark campaigns as completed, and the ability to view campaign and call details. It also has parity between the campaign dashboard and API.

Full Details here - Call Campaigns : Exotel Support Center