TRAI regulation update for exotel users

Earlier this year, TRAI regulations mandated that all businesses using SMS for customer communication need to be registered on a centralised (DLT) platform. Effective 31st May, 2020, any entity or message header (SMS sender ID) not registered on a DLT platform will not be delivered.

In case you haven’t done so already, we request you to register your principal entity, headers and SMS templates on the DLT system across operators (listed below) before the 31st of May.

Process of Registration:

1. Register your entity, headers and templates via the primary partner platform for exotel: []

2. Here’s an outline of the registration process.

3. Documents you need to upload and keep handy during the registration process:

  • Proof of business identity (Govt issued) - Business PAN

  • Proof of business entity - GST or TAN certificate

  • Letter of authorisation (allowing the right person to register on behalf of your business)

  • The authorised individual’s ID (Govt issued)

  • Exotel’s Telemarketer ID:

4. This registration carries a fee of Rs. 5900. Please note that this fee is not charged or collected by Exotel.

5. Once registered on vilpower, you will receive a unique Principal Entity ID (PE ID). Using this ID, you will need to update your KYC on all the operators’ DLT portals. This is to ensure that your SMS deliverability rates are not affected in the case of any operator downtimes.

6. Here are the other DLT platforms on which you should update your PE ID and your KYC.

7. Once approved by the DLT platforms, update the SENDER ID with one of your Exophones via [SMS Configuration]. This is required for both Transactional and Promotional SMS.

8. Once linked, use the alpha/numeric sender ID or the Exophone in the ‘From’ field of [SMS API]. Similarly, use this while initiating SMS campaigns.

9. Delivery for both transactional and promotional SMS will only work if the sender ID (header) is configured correctly on Exotel and approved on DLT platforms.

Kindly ensure that you keep information about entities and headers updated on the DLT platforms to ensure smooth delivery of SMS.

In case of any queries, reach out to the exotel support here -