Looking for an org to help define data security policy and improve data management practices

Hi, we at the Catalyst Group are looking for an organization/consultant to help us define our data security and management guidelines to aid the following -

  • Collection, storage and sharing of data within the organization / outside the organization
  • Utilization, management and processing of data within / outside the organization
  • Data security protocols (including closed working / tunnel environments)
  • Data privacy practices

If anyone has any leads, please do let me know. If you’re interested to know more, please reach out to me at siddhant@catalysts.org


Dear @siddhantsawhney Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing.

Just sharing one of the resources that could be helpful,

I like this resource set by Stanford’s Digital Impact team that helps use digital resources safely, equitably, and effectively. They aim to help social sector practitioners to use digital resources safely, equitably, and effectively toward mission.

They have a toolkit section provides templates with sample language you can use to inform your organization’s policy choices. Within each category you will find sample language help you move through the decision-making process more quickly and provide you with sample language that can help you articulate your organization’s values. You can use these to inform your staff and board discussions as you create policies. But please note that you should consult with a lawyer before finalizing official organizational policies.