Need support for Policy Generator Website Development

Need to create a website which can generate various NGO Organisational policies such as Finance Policy, HR Policy etc.

Hi Jahir,

Welcome to the community. The resources like policies we dont have. We can ask a few partners to share their policies which you can modify and use maybe.
For website for those policies - I am assuming you need like an internal website (usually called an intranet) to share these resources with your team. @Megha-Jibhakate from our team will reach out to you via email and understand the requirement more.

Hi Shemeer and @Megha-Jibhakate

Appreciate your quick reply.

Little bit miscommunication in my topic creation. I do not want Policy document to copy paste for my organisation. I am a practicing CA and do my practice exclusively in Development sector. I have been associated with some renowned funding agency like Azim Premji Foundation and Paul Hamlyn Foundation. I travel a lot and meet small / rural organisations for their due diligence or grant audit. I have realised that such kind of small and medium organisations do not have capacity / resources to develop proper policy documents. They generally copy paste it from other organisations, which is not at all useful for them.

I need to develop a website wherein any ngo can generate Finance Policy (to start with) by putting their required process/limits/policy etc… The idea I got from this website which generate very simple HR policy. -

I have very limited technical knowledge and started developing this kind of policy generator in Wordpress but did not succeed fully. I have Zero intention to earn anything out of it. Need your help in connecting me with some developer who can develop this kind of policy generator.

Thanks in Advance,

Thanks Jahir for clarifying. Allow us a few days to look if some existing tools re available which we can modify for your use case. In the meantime, you can put together the logics bit. Megha will schedule a call with you to understand the logic you want to add. That will be very helpful to us as we get you the best solution. I dont think we will have to build anything fresh. We can re-use open source solutions that have been built already and can be re-purposed.


It would be great help if we can use and open source tool available on the we. The logic flow for Finance Policy is ready with me. Kindly arrange a call so that I can show you the logic flow document. Thanks.

Shemer / Mehga,

Thanks for your time today. It was woderful talkng to you. Sharing herwith the sceenshot and plugin info.

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Hi Jahir,

The policy generator idea is very relevant to our work at Civil Society Academy of Climate Asia. Would be great to catch up and collaborate on this with you. I am available on

Please share your coordinates to connect