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Jhatkaa looking for techies with a social vision, who wanna use their coding skills for creating positive social impact. If you or anyone you know fits the bill please apply here.

While we can’t compete with the skewed tech sector salaries, we offer a highly liveable remuneration along with a number of benefits, like an unlimited work from home, a 4 day work week, an open, transparent and progressive work culture that focuses on staff happiness, access to global networks in the tech for social impact space etc.

We’re also highly invested in diversity, so I encourage applications from communities that are underrepresented in tech.

About Jhatkaa and reasons to join Jhatkaa is a Bangalore-based NGO that leverages digital technology to build grassroots citizen power in India, helping citizens like you take action to solve the various social issues we face. We are a young, nimble organisation with a track record of campaign victories that shows we’re here to make a massive impact. Join our team in building tools and running campaigns to create a more just, sustainable, and inclusive future for all Indians.

Top 10 Reasons to Work at

  1. Join the frontier of digital activism in India. We’re bringing innovative digital strategy to campaigning in India. It’s an exciting place to be.
  2. Join an awesome team. We’re a small group of committed, passionate people who want to enjoy working together. We celebrate each other and invest in building a happy, effective community.
  3. Go on paid vacation. We’ve all got to relax sometimes. Go ahead, take 4 weeks of paid vacation every year in addition to scheduled holidays.
  4. Be proud of your work. We empower ordinary citizens with tools to amplify their voices and hold decision makers accountable. It’s rare to have a tough day at work when you see the impact of your work every single day.
  5. Get paid to be passionate every day. It’s easier to wake up and go to the office every day when you care about what you do.
  6. Join a rocket ship. We’re a young organisation, but we’re already winning and growing. We’ve held a global corporation accountable to ex-workers in Kodaikanal, delivered hundreds of comments to the government to defend the Western Ghats and net neutrality, and gained a lot of attention in the process. Check out some of our victories and media hits.
  7. Maintain daily work-life balance. We want our team to be happy and healthy. We work hard, but respect that you have a life outside of the office, too. Choose your holidays, work from home, and take parental leave when you need it.
  8. We’ll train you to do cool stuff. Our style of work is relatively new and unique. We understand that everyone may not have experience working at a start-up digital campaigning NGO. Not to worry–we’ll train you on our tools and tactics so you’re equipped to succeed.
  9. We measure results, not face time. Some offices impose strict office hours. We’re not one of them. We care more about the work you achieve than the number of hours you’re at your desk.
  10. Be more than just an employee. We strive to be a democratic organisation. Every member of our team can contribute to decisions about how we navigate hurdles.

We’re changing the dynamics of Indian society, and we need you on our team