Project Galileo - A free cyber security program for at-risk sites catering to arts, human rights, civil society, journalism, or democracy

Project Galileo is a program launched by Cloudflare, a web infrastructure and security company, to provide free and enhanced security services to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and journalists that are at risk of cyber attacks. The program is designed to protect the websites of these organizations from various types of cyber threats, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, phishing attempts, and other forms of cybercrime.

One of the key features of Project Galileo is its ability to provide powerful DDoS mitigation services to protect websites from large-scale attacks. This is accomplished through Cloudflare’s global network of data centers, which can detect and filter out malicious traffic before it reaches the protected website. This helps to ensure that the website remains available even during a DDoS attack.

In addition to DDoS protection, Project Galileo also offers other security services such as SSL encryption, automatic threat blocking, and real-time analytics. These tools help organizations to better understand and defend against cyber threats, and can also provide valuable insights into the behavior of their website visitors.

Project Galileo is intended to make the internet a more secure place by providing organizations that are at risk of cyber attacks with enhanced security services at no cost. This allows these organizations to focus on their mission and not have to worry about the security of their website. By providing these services to organizations that are working to make the world a better place, Project Galileo is helping to make the internet a more open and accessible place for everyone.

If you’re interested in protecting your website and applications using Cloudflare, you can click on this link to apply and learn more - Project Galileo