Circles of Safety: Using technology to enable solution in a social impact venture

Circles of Safety is a social impact venture that sensitises the community on prevention of child sexual abuse. We are determined to raise an informed generation of children who can make safe and responsible choices. We achieve this through embedding comprehensive sexuality education in school curriculum.

There are various points at which technology can be used to deliver the solution:

  1. Responding to anonymous questions posed by students/ parents/ teachers during workshops. We also have a question bank that can be embedded on our website. But how would be control the age-appropriateness of the responses which we are able to in person?

  2. Conducting pre-assessment to understand current knowledge/ skills.

  3. Collecting feedback after workshops/ sessions.

  4. Creating a hybrid - gamified version of certain topics for all stakeholders to build on their knowledge and skills. Many parents dont attend the orientation, this may make it easier to address such taboo topics for the skeptics.

Hoping to receive some tips and strategies to deal with the above queries. For more information on our work, you could visit us on:

  • website:
  • Instagram: @circles_of_safety
  • Facebook: @circlesofsafety
  • LinkedIN: Anuja Amin/ Circles of Safety

Thank you for your time and effort. Together, we can raise a generation of children who can grow up with their body boundaries intact!

Kind Regards,
Anuja Amin

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Dear Anuja,

Welcome to the community!

Was wonderful speaking with you and learning more about the wonderful work you are doing.

Hope the session was useful. We covered aspects around your key stakeholders, clarity on their needs and the level wise impact that you are creating with your work. Please feel free to connect again and reach out to others in the community for any tech help that you will need in the future.