Signal - One of the most Secure messaging apps to communicate safely and privately with your team and communites

Signal is a messaging app that is designed to provide a secure and private communication experience. The app uses end-to-end encryption to protect users’ messages and calls from unauthorized access, ensuring that only the intended recipients can read or listen to the content. Additionally, Signal allows users to verify the identity of their contacts to ensure that they are communicating with the right person.

Signal also has a number of features that make it useful for people who prioritize privacy and security, such as disappearing messages, which automatically delete messages after a set period of time, and the ability to lock the app with a PIN or fingerprint. Signal also has a feature that allows users to create and join groups, making it a useful tool for organizations and teams to communicate and collaborate.

Signal is also open-source, which means that the code that makes up the app is publicly available for anyone to review and audit. This makes it possible for experts to examine the code and ensure that the app is providing the level of security and privacy that it claims. The app in short has features that can be useful for organizations and teams to communicate and collaborate.

Here’s a link to their website - Signal >> Home and links to the app stores for both Android and iOS

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