💻 Tech4Dev is looking for Data Engineers with skills in Python/SQL

Tech4Dev is seeking candidates with a strong background in Python/SQL and core data engineering skills, and a passion for building solutions to difficult social problems. Most importantly, successful candidates should possess the ability to work independently to solve complex challenges, both human and technological.

As a data engineer, the day-to-day work may include:

  • Working with clients to understand their needs: understanding their current processes and pain points and identifying which of these can be addressed through automating and streamlining data flows.
  • Wrangling/cleaning government or client data, with an eye toward automation: from extracting data from SQL databases and making API calls to scraping websites and cleaning survey data.
  • Creating and maintaining optimal data pipeline architecture.
  • Working with analytical tools to provide actionable data insights to decision-makers.
  • Working with other team members to test and deploy these solutions.

For qualification details, visit:

Interested candidates can apply here.

I am motivated to contact you for Data Engineers with skills in Python/SQL. I am a recent MCA graduate with project knowledge. During my academic duration, I did some projects based on Python and machine learning that as Customer Churn Prediction and crime hotspots prediction and analysis. I am proficient in Core java, Python, JavaScript, Machine Learning, and MySQL.


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Hey there, you can apply for the job by following this link.

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