The/Nudge is hiring: Mid Level Full Stack Developer (Full time, Remote)

The/Nudge is an action institute in India working towards eradicating poverty in our lifetime. They collaborate with governments, markets, and civil society to create sustainable livelihoods for all, and are made up of leaders and entrepreneurs from various sectors.

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About the role:
The position is seeking a candidate who can lead a team in developing technology products, ensuring they’re timely delivery and high quality. The manager will oversee the entire software development process and build a team of technologists who stay updated with technology trends. The candidate should have prior experience in technology product development and possess strong leadership skills.

Preferred Skills: Typescript, Javascript, Angular, Nodejs, Reactjs, MongoDB, Any SQL databases ( MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQL server), AWS, Zoho.

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Hello. I’m David, a Fullstack and Mobile developer with experience of 4+ in the field of software engineering. I have experience in stacks Reactjs, Nodejs, ExpressJs, NextJs, Javascript, python, Django,PHP, HTML, CSS, React native , Flutter, laravel, Dart, databases and database design, devOps, etc.
I would like to work with you.

Hello Dave! Welcome to Tech4Good. You can apply directly to this job by following this link. :slightly_smiling_face: