Sr Node JS Developer for Future Perfect in Bengaluru, Karnataka (Centre for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (CSDE) The/Nudge)

:rocket::star2: Join the team at Centre for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (CSDE) as a Sr Node JS Developer for Future Perfect in Bengaluru, Karnataka! :globe_with_meridians::briefcase:

:mag: About The/Nudge:
The/Nudge is an action institute dedicated to creating a poverty-free India within our lifetime. They collaborate with governments, markets, and civil society to build resilient livelihoods for all.

Their collective comprises top leaders and entrepreneurs from various sectors, united in our mission across three impact streams:
:one: Centre for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (CSDE): Empowering underprivileged youth for flourishing lives.
:two: Centre for Rural Development (CRD): Lifting rural families out of extreme poverty.
:three: Centre for Social Innovation (CSI): Nurturing top talent to solve India’s biggest challenges.

:briefcase: About CSDE:
By joining the Future Perfect team at CSDE, They’ll be part of a mission to ensure quality interventions for underprivileged youth. They’ll primarily focus on an exciting initiative at The/Nudge, building and delivering high-quality English and employability content that engages and resonates with youth.

They’re seeking highly energetic and passionate team members who take ownership of their work. Their team is outcome-focused, committed to providing quality education for youth, and driven to create English learning interventions that drive positive behavior and mindset change in adults. If you’re collaborative, thrive under pressure, results-driven, love continuous improvement, and enjoy having fun while working hard, you’ll flourish with us. :muscle::star2:

:dart: Job Description:
We are looking for a Senior Node JS Developer with hands-on experience in Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB. As a Senior Developer, you’ll take complete ownership of backend code development, schema design, maintenance, and optimization.

At The/Nudge, you will:
:white_check_mark: Write and review high-quality code
:white_check_mark: Work with development teams and product managers to implement software solutions
:white_check_mark: Perform complex application programming activities, with a focus on mobile development using Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, Express.js, RESTful APIs, and related backend frameworks
:white_check_mark: Optimize applications for maximum scalability and identify opportunities for code optimization
:white_check_mark: Lead/support UAT and production rollouts
:white_check_mark: Address issues promptly, respond positively to setbacks and challenges, and embrace continuous improvement
:white_check_mark: Provide constructive feedback to team members and set clear expectations
:white_check_mark: Troubleshoot and resolve complex bugs, offering innovative solutions during code/design reviews
:white_check_mark: Assist in defining system architecture and detailed solution design for scalability and extensibility
:white_check_mark: Collaborate with product owners, designers, and engineers to find the best possible solutions
:white_check_mark: Ensure code quality and conduct your own testing, including writing unit tests and improving test coverage
:white_check_mark: Mentor junior developers on the team

Apply if you have:
:white_check_mark: Minimum Bachelor of Engineering in IT, CS, or M.Sc. in IT
:white_check_mark: 3 to 5 years of experience as a Backend Developer, with at least 3+ years of hands-on experience with Node.js and Express.js
:white_check_mark: Self-motivation and the ability to work independently and collaboratively
:white_check_mark: Good knowledge of functional and Object-Oriented Programming
:white_check_mark: Good-to-have experience in AWS (EC2, DynamoDB), Telegram & WhatsApp API
:white_check_mark: Working knowledge of Python (an added advantage)
:white_check_mark: Experience with Micro-Services architecture, DevOps tools (e.g., Jenkins - optional), Git for code versioning, Agile software development techniques, and supporting tools like JIRA, Bitbucket, and Confluence
:white_check_mark: Strong coding, data structures, and algorithm skills

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