Video Volunteers: Civic Tech Platform - High Fidelity Frappe Prototype

Hi @Tech4Good, @Aysha, @ Jinso and team,

Thank you so much for helping us build a high fidelity prototype of our Block by Block Platform. The platform enables local government block officials to collaborate with local change makers to co-create impact for the community :slight_smile:

To provide some context, after a year-long study of the challenges faced by block officials, conducted in collaboration with the University of Virginia, MIT Gov lab, and other supporters, we conceptualized (with @ Shemeer), designed, and tested a low-fidelity prototype. This initial phase involved engaging with over 1200 Jharkhand Block officials, and approximately 20% of them (250+ officials) expressed very high interest and demonstrated maximum engagement with the prototype.

Subsequently, in collaboration with T4G Labs, we developed a high-fidelity prototype using Frappe. At VV, we are now considering the possibility of initiating a pilot with our partners.

Thank you so much again team for all the wonderful work and support! Wishing you the very best for all your efforts:)



Hi Tony,

Thanks for your kind words. We’re thrilled to have assisted in developing the prototype for the Block by Block Platform.
We’re excited about the potential of the platform, and wish you continued success in all your efforts!

Tech4Good Team

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