Amplifying Social Change by meaningfully leveraging tech: The aikyam Fellowship 2024 is here!

aikyam fellowship, 2024 is here!

At aikyam, we love changemakers and the extraordinary work they do to serve vulnerable communities. aikyam fellows make technology accessible to grassroots, small NGOs and help them amplify their impact.

This immersive fellowship is designed to bridge the gap between technology, design and social good. It will lead to assured job placements within impactful, grassroots NGOs across India. The fellowship is supported by a vibrant ecosystem of NGOs, mentors, tech enthusiasts, and funders.

Our Vision: All small NGOs should have access to trained professionals to meaningfully leverage tech.

About the fellowship

  • Do you think that technology and its benefits exclude vulnerable communities?

  • Do you believe that if designed properly, technology can be a meaningful tool to create a better planet and support vulnerable communities?

  • As someone who loves technology, do you think it’s not always about creating “original/copyrighted” tech, but using what is already there (FOSS, Free tools) to create “valuable” solutions for your users?

  • Are you looking for a meaningful, rewarding career to help changemakers (NGOs. government agencies) to amplify the impact of their work?

If your answer to all the above is YES, we believe you will like this programme.

During the fellowship, you will

  1. Engage in intensive learning modules designed around technology, particularly FOSS tools, and its application for social good.
  2. Participate in hands-on projects and work with NGOs to apply technological solutions to real-world challenges.
  3. Develop and implement technology-based solutions to enhance the impact of NGOs working with vulnerable communities.
  4. Work collaboratively within teams and with mentor guidance to foster personal and professional growth.

Ideal fellow profile

Our fellowship and career path above have been carefully designed for the following profile. We recommend that you read through and see if you fit the profile before you apply.

  1. Cares deeply about coding/design/product management/fundraising/data analytics/storytelling by using technology .
  2. Dreams about a long-term career in the social sector to help vulnerable communities and NGOs who work with them.
  3. Is resilient and can work in remote areas , including small villages and with small NGOs, and can travel and navigate difficult situations as needed.
  4. Likes to break down big problems into smaller problems and solve them one by one.
  5. Cares for values like democracy, secularism, inclusiveness, etc.
  6. Loves to imagine and tell or read stories.
  7. Is a good listener.
  8. Is goal oriented - good at setting personal goals and chasing them without anyone having to push them.
  9. Practices mathematical reasoning and analytical thinking.
  10. Values both their time and others’ time. Practises time and task management through daily work calendars, getting things done no matter what.
  11. Curious about learning new things in their work through self learning and also have the ability to ask for help when they get stuck.
  12. Share warmly and freely: Should not hesitate to engage with others in supportive environments.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. At least 1-2 years of rigorous practice in your expert skills (coding/design/product management/fundraising/data analytics/storytelling), learning through working on useful projects that bring your skill and technology together.
  2. At least beginner-level spoken & written English
  3. Completed class 10 or equivalent, with at least 75% score
  4. Our youngest fellow is 22 years old, and our oldest fellow is 46 years old. What we are saying is that age is not a barrier for you to apply for the fellowship. As long as you meet the rest of the requirements.


₹15,000 per month + Up to ₹5,000 per month in additional benefits [reimbursements for medical expenses, mobile recharge, etc. on producing bills].

How to Apply

If you feel that your profile matches the requirements of the fellowship, we encourage you to apply at the earliest. Follow the steps below to apply. Please note that the next step involves an assessment and will take 30 minutes or more to complete.

  1. Make a copy of this google doc: aikyam-fellow-application

  2. Change the title of your copy to include your name. This is to help us identify your application easily.

  3. Fill in your details and answers to the questions in your google doc.

  4. Download your completed assessment as a PDF before the next step.

  5. Use the apply button below to submit the PDF of the assessment.

Following this, there will be 2-3 rounds of online and in-person interviews for shortlisted candidates. The interviews may be held in Delhi/Bangalore/Kochi, depending on need. Selected candidates will begin their fellowship at aikyam space in Kochi, starting May/June 2024.


You have time until April 30, 2024 to complete the test. We encourage you to apply as early as possible as we will be processing the applications in a staggered manner.