[Closed] Learn about Beckn’s decentralised digital ecosystems & how volunteers can impact society at large (Aug 26th, 2022 | Online)

Event Name: BOC Talks by Beckn Open Collective

Event Date: Fri, Aug 26, 2022 at 5:30 PM IST

beckn protocol consists of APIs, data models, reference architecture, transaction mechanisms, and global standards that when adopted by digital platforms, enable the creation of decentralized networks. beckn is a sector-agnostic protocol, meaning, any industry-specific taxonomy or knowledge model can be represented using the data model of beckn protocol.

Description: Dr. Kumar is excited to share his thoughts and help expand the understanding of Beckn protocol, its impact, and how each one of us volunteers can impact the society at large.

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Thanks @Pooja for sharing this.

Useful event to attend if you are thinking of collaborative technology in the domains that you are working at.

The challenges faced by vulnerable communities are not only complex but also come with multiple intersectionalities. E.g a poor single migrant worker with a child displaced because of climate change. She not only has to deal with challenges of unpaid wages but also face sexual harassment at her worksite and needs access to healthcare, and quality education for her child.

It is increasingly evident now that no single organisation, no matter how big, can solve such complex problems at scale. There is an urgent and important need to work together as an ecosystem.

As we look around us, we see changemakers working like messaging apps (E.g Whatsapp and Telegram). These apps are great for communicating with other people or groups who are using the same app but you can’t send a message from whatsapp to telegram. Can you? There is no interoperability!

To solve complex problems at scale, the changemakers ecosystem needs to work with each other seamlessly. (Tada! Like email - one can send an email from gmail to hotmail and copy yahoo mail). And email works because its a protocol designed for communication and is interoperable.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were such protocols that were designed to achieve collaborative impact? I am curious and looking forward to this event.

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