Connecting with your end users effortlessly using Whatsapp Buisiness

We recently met with Anode Governance Lab that works towards strengthening governance and enabling public institutions to function effectively. It was inspiring to hear about their work and how they help create agency within Panchayat members through processes, tools and apps that they have developed/are developing.

Our discussion then moved to how Anode can support panchayat members through other channels. We brainstormed around ideas of how Whatsapp could be an interesting way to engage with pachayat members remotely and take them through a journey because

  1. Most Panchayat members are already on Whatsapp and are good at using it.
  2. Whatsapp Business now has tools that can help Anode automate most of the work and also create personal journeys.
  3. It also allows Anode to share engaging content like Videos, Voice notes, images and more.

The following tools could be used to build a Whatsapp Business Communication channel for Changemakers with their constituents, participants in creative ways.

Start by using Whatsapp Business App from the Google Play store to start prototyping some of your ideas and testing it with your constituents. We recommend doing this closely with your participants. Focus on co-creating the content, workflows and what works best for them.

Once you are confident about the content plan, workflows, you could try the following 2 services to scale your solution.

  1. WhatsApp Chatbot For Business: Build A WhatsApp Bot In 5 Minutes - WhatsApp Business API & Team Inbox
  2. Glific

below is a simple video on how Glific helps interaction for NGOs with their end users.


Hi T4G

This sounds exciting and will be a great force multiplier for Anode.

How can we take this ahead? Start with a stakeholder consultation to begin with?


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@Sudeep - we will get back to you shortly -