Digital Jalebi is hiring for Digital Program Manager (CSR and Social Sector)

DJ Interactive, a visionary digital organisation, is on a relentless pursuit to harness technology for societal betterment. Specializing in innovative digital solutions, the company targets crucial developmental areas such as maternal health, hygiene, and sexual awareness in India. By collaborating with CSR and social sector organizations, DJ Interactive strives to make significant technological strides that lead to meaningful societal change.

Job Description

We are seeking a Digital Program Manager to lead our initiatives and expand our impact through strategic partnerships and project implementations in the social sector. As a pivotal member of our team, your role will involve steering our projects towards achieving enhanced digital solutions that address vital developmental challenges in India.

Key Responsibilities

  • Partnership Development: Forge and enhance partnerships with key CSR and social sector entities, focusing on areas like maternal health and sexual awareness. Your task will be to identify potential allies, negotiate agreements, and build relationships that are mutually beneficial.

  • Strategic Planning: Craft and execute strategies to broaden our influence and operational scope within the target sectors. You will be responsible for analyzing market trends, identifying opportunities, and setting actionable plans to strengthen our market presence.

  • Project Management: Manage the overall execution of projects from conception to delivery, ensuring they align with our strategic goals. Collaborate with various teams to guarantee that the projects are implemented effectively and deliver optimal results.

  • Impact Evaluation: Work closely with internal teams to evaluate the effects of our digital solutions. Analyze data, prepare impact reports, and utilize insights to refine our strategies and improve project outcomes.

  • Thought Leadership: Represent DJ Interactive at industry forums and conferences, sharing insights and successes to cement our reputation as leaders in tech-driven social innovation.

  • RFP Filing: Identify and respond to relevant RFPs, preparing thorough documentation to secure new projects and funding opportunities.

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience in partnership development, ideally within the CSR or social sector focused on digital solutions for social impact.
  • Deep understanding of India’s social development landscape, particularly in areas such as maternal health and hygiene.
  • Proven capability in strategic thinking and planning with a successful track record in executing growth strategies.
  • Excellent skills in communication, negotiation, and relationship building.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to excel in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

Previous Impactful Projects

Our commitment to driving social change through technology is evident in our previous projects:

  1. Reckitt | Plan India | TBBT Campaign: Developed digital apps to foster sex education and promote cultural awareness in Nagaland.
  2. Tata Trust - FSSAI: Created an experiential zone to educate the public on the FSSAI’s role in maintaining food safety in India.
  3. BMGF | AR Training: Launched a CPR AR app designed to train healthcare workers efficiently.
  4. Path India | TB Program: Produced documentaries to highlight the challenges of drug-resistant tuberculosis through the eyes of patients, health workers, and social workers.
  5. AKF | Paalan 100 Mobile App: Developed a mobile app focusing on child care education for new parents, incorporating elements of gamification.

Join Us

If you are driven by the desire to make a difference and have the skills to thrive in a transformative environment, DJ Interactive is your platform to impact the world positively. Apply now and be a part of our mission to leverage technology for social good.
Deadline: 2024-06-08T18:30:00Z