Donation page changes for the We Live NGO

We at Rootbridge are managing the individual fundraising for welive
We need your support to change the donation page content and amounts .
We can send you the text


Once we receive the link to your existing page and the content to be included, we can proceed with the development process.

The final output will be similar to this page: Patron Page

Thanks @Aysha for the support.

@Divya for the Razorpay Page settings, that has to be done inside the clients Razorpay Account. you can take help from @arunabha for this.

The address field on the donation page of WeLive is not working, please check and also there is no other amount option.

Hi Vinutha,

As mentioned, any changes to the razorpay donation page will have to be managed by the WeLive or the Agency as its sensittive data. You could also refer to Razorpay support pages and their helpdesk for further guidance and support. Hope this is helpful.