🌟 Exciting Opportunity! Apply Now for the D4GX India 2023 Empowerment Challenge!

:star2: Exciting Opportunity! Apply Now for the D4GX India 2023 Empowerment Challenge! :star2:

:alarm_clock: Application Deadline: 26th June 2023
:mag_right: Looking for data-led innovations/solutions developed by registered Indian NGOs.

:small_orange_diamond: Check out the landscape report here :books::link: (RESOURCES - #D4GX INDIA) to learn how NGOs’ data-led solutions have empowered communities.

:question: Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to them at d4gxindia@dasra.org with the subject β€˜Challenge 2023_Application Form Query_[name of org]’. They will respond within 2 working days.

:earth_africa: The D4GX India Empowerment Challenge focuses on data-led innovation that empowers vulnerable communities by:
(i) Creating platforms for easy sharing, usage, analysis, and management of data
(ii) Ensuring users have agency to drive data for improving solutions and services
(iii) Building touchpoints for multi-stakeholder data interactions
(iv) Strengthening systems for better data supply.

#D4GX #IndiaEmpowermentChallenge

:small_orange_diamond: APPLY HERE! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Join Dasra, Bloomberg, Societal Platform, and Stanford PACS to enable data agencies for India’s most vulnerable communities.

About the Challenge:
The pandemic has underscored the importance of collaboration and strengthening the data ecosystem in India’s development sector. The D4GX 2023 India Empowerment Challenge seeks to leverage the power of data to drive positive change and promote data-driven decision-making. We’re looking for solutions that create platforms, empower users, build touchpoints, and strengthen data supply in the following thematic tracks:

:dart: Data to Enable Learning to Livelihood
:dart: Data to Enable Community Resilience
:dart: Data to Enable Climate and Sustainability

Eligibility Criteria:
Non-profit organizations with early-stage innovations are eligible to apply.

Benefits of Participation:
:sparkles: Innovation Design Grants worth INR 10L for four winners (one from each thematic track)
:sparkles: Showcase Opportunity at the D4GX India Annual Conference 2023 for up to 15 shortlisted applicants
:sparkles: Amplification Support across Bloomberg, Dasra, Societal Platforms, and Stanford PACS Digital Civil Society Lab’s networks
:sparkles: Mentorship & Networking Opportunities with prominent ecosystem stakeholders

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:e-mail: Email: d4gxindia@dasra.org

Let’s unlock the power of data for social impact! :muscle::bulb: #DataDrivenChange #EmpoweringCommunities #SocialInnovation