Github Pages - lifelong free hosting for your organisation's website

Most of the times, our organization website are static (does not change much), usually 5-6 pages of content (About Us, Why we are doing, What we are doing, etc). And, most orgs end up paying around 5000 INR every year to keep the website live…

Consider using GitHub pages if

  1. You are setting up a simple website for your org which has some standard content that wont change much over time.
  2. You already have a website that is static (does not change much) and are paying yearly hosting fees.


GitHub Pages is a website hosting service that allows anyone to create and host a website directly from a GitHub repository. It is a simple and easy way for developers (only basic HTML & CSS required) and organizations to create a website without the need for additional web hosting or domain registration. Users can create static or dynamic websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies. They have many re-usable templates also :slight_smile:

GitHub Pages allows users to use a custom domain name for their website and provides built-in support for Jekyll, a static site generator that makes it easy to create and maintain a website. Additionally, it also provides support for HTTPS, making it more secure to host a website.

Users can take advantage of the version control feature of GitHub and collaborate with others to make changes to the website. It’s free and open-source and can be useful for organisation websites, personal blogs, portfolios, documentation pages, and project sites.

Here’s a link to the GitHub Pages webiste -

Tech4Good Fellows @Lily @Megha-Jibhakate helped annual hosting fees by moving their website to github pages. Do reach out to them using the message/chat feature of the forum to learn more or if you need help with your own website (non profits).

Another website which is served through github pages -

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